Why Hiring a Wedding Industry Pro as your VA is Important

Wondering who to hire as your VA? This week we’re talking about why hiring a wedding industry pro as your VA is important for you and your business. You may be nervous to finally delegate some work and hire a VA. Totally understandable! Many wedding pros have small businesses and sometimes they are solopreneurs and their business consists of just one person. This makes it nerve-wracking, but all the more reason to hire someone to help!

Here’s why hiring someone who specializes in your same industry will help make your life so much easier and give you peace of mind.

1. They understand the industry

Being an expert in the industry means they already know how to write blogs specifically for weddings and wedding industry pros. They understand and have experience with social media in the wedding world as well. They likely already have knowledge of systems you are using that might be more industry specific such as Aisle Planner or HoneyBook. These are huge advantages that will help jump start the work you hired a VA to do.

2. They understand your clients

Being in the industry themselves, they completely understand your clients and what they need. You won’t have to educate them on what clients are looking for or expecting. The already know because they are right in it with you!

3. They understand your challenges

Every industry has its own challenges and while some things are universal, the wedding industry certainly has its unique challenges. Hiring a VA who is a planner themselves or has experience in the industry will save you so much time. You won’t have to explain every little detail, they will already know your challenges and have solutions to help!

While there are tons of awesome VAs out there, hiring one who specializes in the wedding industry will give you a huge head start and making the process of working with them much easier for both of you!

Now that you understand why hiring a wedding industry pro as your VA is important, check out this blog on why you need to hire a VA before wedding season!

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