Virtual Assistant Productivity Tip

I love a good virtual assistant productivity tip so here is one for this week. Batching your blogs and social media will change the game for your productivity! You’ve probably heard this tip before. It’s not exactly new. But have you actually tried it? If not, I encourage you to!

There are a few ways to do this batch your social media planning and blogs.

  1. Focus on all of your photos or videos and then go back and write the captions or blog content.
  2. Focus on the captions and content first then add the photos.

Both work, it just depends on what you prefer! It takes different parts of our brains to be creative with photos (and videos for Reels/TikToks) and a totally different way of thinking to write content. Often those things don’t work at the same time and we end up frustrated that we can’t just get more social planning done or we just can’t finish a blog.

This works for a couple of reasons. First, like I mentioned above, it requires different ways of thinking and creativity. Second, it helps to feel really productive with something and gives us (at least me!) incentive to keep going. When I get a bunch of photos outlined for Instagram posts, sometimes it feels like the captions write themselves. And even if they don’t, I still feel great getting a lot of posts planned. Knowing that I have half the work done is so helpful to be able to easily go back another day and fully complete the task!

So try out this virtual assistant productivity tip and see if it works for you! And if you are not interested in doing any part of this method yourself, check out this blog about why you need to hire a VA before wedding season!

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