How a Virtual Assistant Can Help with Your CRM

You have a great Customer Relationship Management (CRM), but you’re not using it to its full capability. Here are three tips on how a virtual assistant can help with your CRM. Making the most of your CRM is important and a VA can help!

1. Creating a workflow

You probably have a lot of your workflow in your mind, but do you have it all spelled out in your CRM? Workflows are so important, especially if you have a team. Even if it’s just you in your business, having a standard workflow will save you so much time and aggravation. Having the steps for your work drawn out makes it simple and easy to reproduce.

If you have a team, workflows are even more important. They will give you an easy way to train your team and ensure everyone is doing exactly what is needed on projects.

Compiling this into your CRM will help your CRM work for YOU.

2. Set up automations

Your workflow is ready, now let it work for you by automating steps. Creating automations will prompt you to do the step at the right time in your process. Control freak like me? You can also set the steps to be approved by you (or a team member) when it’s time. That way, it’s still automated, but you have some control and can make adjustments if needed.

3. Create email templates

Tired of rewriting the same email over and over? Create email templates! Sure, you can do this in Gmail and it’s definitely helpful there, but incorporating templates into your CRM allows for your automations to work. That means less work and headaches for you. Additionally, you know that your client experience is top notch because your workflow is automatically running in the background.

In my experience, I’ve found most people WANT to do these things, they just simply don’t have the time to set it up. That’s how a virtual assistant can help with your CRM! I’ve worked on these processes for many clients in tons of different CRMs including Dubsado, Honeybook, Aisle Planner, and more! Whatever CRM you’re using, a VA can help you use it to its fullest. And ultimately, that means saving you time, energy, and money!

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