Idyllic Hamptons Airbnb

My cousin and I traveled to The Hamptons last summer and were on the hunt for an idyllic Hamptons Airbnb. There were of course lots of options, but we also had to keep within a budget! Luckily we found the most perfect option for a quintessential Hamptons experience. This one was in Southampton which was a wonderful and convenient spot tucked away, yet still close to everything. There were many selling points, but the usage of the host’s bikes was definitely a big part of our decision. It was so nice to ride bikes to the beach!

Jane was the best host and exactly the image you have in your mind of someone who would open their home to guests. She prepared an amazing breakfast with local baked goods, jams, and fruits each morning. We happened to be staying there on the 20th Anniversary of September 11. It was really interesting to share each of our stories and experiences from that day. A tragic reminder of a horrible day, but one that still is a shared experience and brings people together in unique ways. A part of what I love about staying in an Airbnb is to get to know the host, if possible. Of course they know their home and region the best and it’s always wonderful to get their insight and hear their stories!

Front Porch

Backyard Garden

First Floor


Second Floor

Our Room


History of the House

Part of why we wanted to visit The Hamptons was our love of Ina Garten, the Barefoot Contessa. We did our best and this idyllic Hamptons Airbnb definitely gave us Ina vibes! Interested in getting help planning your next trip? I offer travel planning so let’s chat! Click here to learn more about that service. Or keep up with the blog to see more of my adventures!

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