First Business Anniversary!

Today is my first business anniversary! It’s hard to believe I started my LLC exactly a year ago. In some ways it has flown by and I feel like I’ve been doing this forever. In other ways, it feels like I was just registering my business, getting a business bank account and all of those not so glamorous things!

It has been a wonderful year of learning and growing. There have definitely been challenges and building a business isn’t easy. However, I’m loving the life I have created and being my own boss. The flexibility of schedule is what I dreamed of when I left the corporate world. Sometimes that means working late nights or weekends, but other times it’s a day off because you can.

The virtual assistant side of my business has really combined all of my passions. Being a VA for wedding planners and other creatives combines my expertise from my own wedding planning services along with the project management from my corporate jobs. I love working behind the scenes for my clients and elevating their businesses and client experience.

My wedding planning isn’t going anywhere though! I’m still planning weddings and love that part of my work as well. I also feel like it helps me serve my VA clients better since I understand the industry, what they need as business owners, and what their clients need. The combination of my virtual assistant work and wedding planning work is the dream.

So cheers to my first business anniversary and many more to come! Be sure to check out my services page if you’re interested in working together!

Be sure to read my blog on the mastermind retreat I went to this year. That group of women has been incredible source of wisdom, strength and the best sounding board for me as I grow my business!

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