Virtual Assistant for Wedding Planners and Creatives

I really love my virtual assistant work for wedding planners and creatives. I’ve been talking about my work and more of what I do lately, but a lot of people still ask me, Darcy, what do you do as a virtual assistant (VA)? Fair question!


First, I’m passionate about making people’s lives easier. So I want to help my clients be more efficient and effective while doing tasks

Sounds cool, but what does this mean in practice?
*Blog posts
*Social media
*Creating workflows
*Graphic design work in Canva
*Keeping CRMs up to date and active (and working for my clients because that’s why they’re paying for their CRM (customer relationship management))
*And lots more!

Anything that makes life easier for my client’s is what I love to do. These are some of the main areas, but there are lots of smaller things too depending on the needs of my clients!

Darcy Warden virtual assistant for wedding planners and creatives
Photo: Hailey Merlo Media
Virtual Assistant Work in Practice

What things do you procrastinate on the most?! Blog posts, social media, setting up your systems and standard operating procedures? We all have them, let’s be real! And that’s where I come in.

I start by having a consultation meeting to see what your needs are. What’s the biggest time suck for you or things you just never seem to get around to? Are these things that only you can do or can you delegate them to someone else? Sometimes only you as the business owner can do a task, but most things you can hand off to a trusted person!

It can take a bit of time and as a business owner myself (and Enneagram 1, Type A, lover of control) to: One, admit that I can’t do it all and two, hand off that work to someone else. But once you get in a groove with your VA, they are an extension of you and your business is a well oiled machine.

Learn more about my VA work here! If you’re looking for a virtual assistant for wedding planners or other creatives, I’d love to chat. Contact me to talk more!

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