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My Top 5 Work Necessities

This week I’m sharing my top 5 work necessities! We all have our go-to items that we need for peak professional performance. I didn’t mention my computer and phone since those are a given! Read on to see all of my “love it” items.

1. Planner

I love an electronic calendar, but there is something about a paper calendar to keep me organized that I just love. Maybe because we stare at screens so much or don’t often write anymore. But using pen and paper for my schedule or to do list is a big part of my routine!

2. Padfolio

I would be lost without this thing – especially on wedding days! I use it for meetings too though. It holds documents, a pad of paper, pens, and there is even a spot for your cell phone!

3. Wireless Mouse

The ultimate tool for efficiency! I am so much faster on my computer using this mouse. Plus, when I sit at my desk with multiple screens and my laptop elevated, the wireless mouse is a must.

4. Blue Light Blocking Glasses

We all stare at screens all day, for better or worse. These glasses help block the blue light and help decrease headaches and eye strain.

5. Milk Frother

We all need our coffee (or caffeine of choice), but the milk frother really changes the game! It’s like having a $6 latte every day at home for pennies!

So now you know about my top 5 work necessities. Tell me about yours! And be sure to check out this blog on how a virtual assistant can help with your CRM!

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